EXPO2000, the Pavilions from each country

Believe in your dreams....

Visions are dreams, which take root deep in the soul, are closely knit with archetypes and sometimes reach into the regions of the Divine. During realization the soul becomes self-conscious, and what was once hidden is revealed again.

What is
 “The world-exhibition EXPO2000”?

During the world exhibition EXPO2000 about 170 states presented their own culture in different pavilions and projects. The exhibition attracted approx 15 million visitors in a course of 5 months in the year 2000. It took place in Hannover, Germany, nearby Hamburg and Berlin.

Our own sub-project aimed at informing westerners about the different kinds of Buddhism through various events, meditations and presentations. Started by representatives of Buddhist communities: Pagoda Vien Giac (Hannover) and Choka Sangha (Steyerberg/Hannover), and later supported by other communities too.

 While the Choka Sangha is a German Zen-community (Japanese style), the Pagode Vien Giac is a traditional Vietnamese monastary and culture center, build by 60.000 refugees in Germany.

The desert castle of the Emirates, by daylight and at night

At the same time the vision holds a solution to the problems of the individual, and also to the problems of the society. But at times the vision remains incomprehensible both to the person who is dreaming and also to society. But in the truth lying within is that power, which releases the truth in time and lets it shine.

At first a dream came to me…

At the beginning of the preparation time of the Buddhist project, which was the accompanying sub-project to the EXPO, there was neither a concept nor any available starting point. But after I had decided to participate I saw more clearly the possibilities.

Australia, the next door neighbour to Bhutan, with modern dancers

In the holy book of the Hindus, the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna says (Sloka 60, 61,  Chapter 18)

"Under illusion you are now declining to act according to My direction.
But, compelled by the work born of your own nature, you will act all the same
The supreme lord lives in everyone's heart, O Arjuna,
and is directing like in a puppet show the wanderings of all living entities."

Venezuela, designed like a flower?



The Swiss Pavilion, a wooden construction.

A Vietnamese buddhist ceremony inaugurating our little voulunteer sub-project ‘buddha-dharma-expo2000’

The paviilon of Yemen, a piece of the Arabian peninsula





A model of the temple of Bhutan

After a year, on the request of the partner of the pagoda a joint invitation from the abbot of the pagoda and the Zen master of the community, to which I was associated, was signed.

Sathya Sai Baba


The ‘Lifegarden Steyerberg’, a spiritual community, with meditation hall of the ZEN-community ‘Choka Sangha’

The Pagoda Vien Giac, a monastary and culture center of 60.000 Vietnamese in Germany. Our luck, the pagoda was only 500 meters away from the EXPO-ground..

Holland presents itself with a marvelous construction, each layer represents a different landscape of Holland.

The EXPO, with many visitors


What does the word “Protestant” mean? The Protestant church in Germany is based on the work of the reformer Martin Luther (ca.1500 a.D:). The way of thinking of the society of that time was that God takes care of everyone, that the cleric stands as the interpreter of the biblical texts between god and the people, who themselves pursued the everyday tasks and hoped for salvation. Martin Luther had the theological knowledge: “Belief alone saves the man” With that he emphasized the autonomy in spirituality. And a money market for “salvation” with the cleric, as it was customary at that time, was not necessary. Martin Luther threw away the 1000 year old thinking of the society with his knowledge. However he created a new way of thinking for the society. A 500 year  long struggle began for a new order of society in Germany and Europe. Eras of Feudalism and Nationalism came up; marxist and national socialistic ideologies led to dictatorships, till democracy today developed as the then stabilized system in Europe. Democracy tries, to be aware of the various needs in society and to consistently translate them into action.

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